Before asking the EBICC-2015 committee contact, please read this list of questions. If you find your question here, it is quite probable that you also will find a satisfactory answer on this page. If any doubt still remains, we will be glad to reply your email. More information can be found on the contact page.

About work submission via EASY CHAIR
  • How do I make my first login to Easy Chair ?
  • How do I create an account to submit my work at Easy Chair?
    • If you are new to Easy Chair, by doing your first login to Easy Chair you will be able to submit your work, just log into your account. If you already have an account in Easy Chair, just log to your account. Notice that if you follow the link to the submission page, displayed on the EBICC-2015 website, you will automatically enter the Easy Chair page for EBICC-2015.
  • And if I have an Easy Chair account and I can't access my data for EBICC-2015 ?
    • This could happen if your account is associated with more than one email address. Find more information following this link.
  • I'm already logged as an author, now what do I have to do to submit my work ?
    • If you are logged as an AUTHOR, to submit a new paper you should click on the menu tab "New Submission". Follow this link.
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About work submission and review
  • What kind of submission is recommended for my work ?
    • Full papers are reccommended for complete research works by all categories of authors (researchers and / or students). Non-student researchers (including post-docs) may publish brief papers to communicate new ideas, speculative hypotheses, and original reviews, or to report work in progress or recent results. Students (graduate or undergraduate) may report their work in progress by means of poster submission. See the call for works and info for authors pages.
  • How many pages can my work have ?
    • Full papers can have up to 10 pages without figures, or 12 pages with figures. Brief papers can have up to 5 pages. Poster abstracts must have only one page. Brief papers are for communicating new ideas, new findings, conjectures and speculations, by experient researchers and post-doctoral fellows - not directed to students. If you are not an experient researcher and your paper is about a work that is still on course, you should consider to submit it as a poster. (see info for authors webpage).
  • What information do I have to include in my submission ?
    • Your submission should be a PDF file containing: work title, authors names, authors' affiliations, email contact of at least one author, abstract, keywords, text, and bibliographic references. Figures can be placed in the text following the suggestions contained in the templates (see info for authors webpage).
  • Can I submit a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file ? Can I submit LaTeX files ?
    • Only submissions in PDF file formated for A4 paper size will be considered for review.
  • Is the review process double blind ?
    • Not for EBICC-2015. Authors' names should be included in the submitted files.
  • After submission, what news about my work should I expect ?
    • You will receive an email on the date for paper/poster acceptance announcement, as indicated at the "important dates" webpage. If your paper would be rejected, you will receive the revisions included in the email. If your paper would be accepted, you will receive only the acceptance notification and will not receive the revisions. Only after your oral presentation at the event you will receive the revisions.
  • How do I submit a poster proposal and how I will present it ?
    • You have to submit a one-page file using the same templates available for the papers, briefly describing the work. The text should be a one-page long abstract, plus references. After acceptance notification, you should prepare your poster using the template available on this link. You have to print your poster, and provide holders for its assembly on the first day of the event (December 7, 2015). Your panel will remain on display during the whole event. You will have to deliver an oral presentation of your paper during the communication section to which you'll be allocated. On the last day of the event you will receive instructions for the removal of your poster.
  • How will my work be published ?
    • Accepted and orally presented papers (long and short) will be publisehd in full in electronic format in the EBICC-2015 annals, with ISBN and DOI. Accepted and orally presented posters will have their abstracts published in electronic format in the EBICC-2015 annals. Selected works will be invited for publication in extended version in the EBICC-2015 book to be edited after the event.
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About registration, participation, and travel
  • Who has to register for the event ?
    • Participants, including authors of accepted works, will need to register. Only invited speakers and members of the EBICC committees will not need to register.
  • When may I register ?
    • After the openiing of registration (see important dates). You can register at a reduced fee during the early-bird registration period. After this period you may register at the regular fee until the last week before the event. You can register at the "Registration" page and you will be able to register at the event location, starting on December 7, 2015, at full fee.
  • When do I have to pay the registration fee ?
    • You have to pay only when you arrive at the event venue. You will pay the fee on cash, Brazilian currency, at the reception counter, on December 7-8, 2015. But be careful ! - you must register before the event during the early-bird registration period or the regular registration period, in order to have discounts on the full fee. If you'll come to the registration counter on December 7-8 and have not registered yet, you'll have to pay the full fee. The date of your registration will be printed in your registration ticket when you registere at the event webpage. See the "Registration" page for details.
  • Do I need a passport visa to go to Brazil ?
    • Visitors to Brazil must obtain a visa from one of the Brazilian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. Visit the visa policy of Brazil wikipedia page for general informations, or consult your local Brazilian diplomatic mission. Official information is contained in this document.
  • Where can I stay during the event ?
    • Recommended hotels and travel agencies will be announced soon on the Travel and Accommodation page. We are also managing to find special accommodation for students, especially those funded by Brazilian government agencies.
  • Where can I have lunch during the event ?
    • The places for lunch are indicated on the Venue page .
  • How can I get to the event venue ?
    • Transportation to the event venue are indicated on the Venue page. Maps are available at the Maps link.
  • Are there money exchange services at the event venue ?
    • There are banks inside the University campus, where you can exchange Euros or US Dollars for local currency. Further indications will appear on the Venue page.
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