Everyone must register to the event, including committee members. Only keynote speakers don't need to register. Follow the informations and links provided in this page to register to the event, at any moment. However, you will pay the registration fee only on December 7-8, at the EBICC 2015 reception counter. Fees differ depending on your category and on the period that you have made your registration. There are three registration periods:
  • Early-bird registration:  July, 15 to September, 30
  • Regular registration:  October, 1 to November, 30
  • Late registration, during the event:  December 7-8, 2015
By registering to the event, it will be generated a ticket containing the date that you have made your registration. This date will define the fee that you will have to pay, depending on the corresponding registration period and on your category. Bring your ticket to the registration reception on December 7-8 and make your payment.
  Category Early Regular Late  
Committee member
  Registration Steps  

  • Go to the registration page (service provided by Eventbrite)
  • At the Eventbrite page for EBICC, click on "Register" (see picture below)
  • The registration form page will be displayed. Complete with your data and click on "Complete Registration". (see picture below)
  • After this, two emails will be set to the email address that you provided during registration, with the tiltes:
    • "Greetings from Eventbrite"
    • "Your Tickets for 10th International Brazilian Meeting on Cognitive Scicence"
  • The second email contains your ticket. Print the attached pdf file with the ticket and present it at the EBICC 2015 reception on December 7-8, 2015. The ticket will look like the one below depicted:
IMPORTANT NOTE : Notice that in the ticket the "Payment Status" field will display "Free Order". However, you will have to pay the registration fee on December 7-8 at the EBICC 2015 reception counter. Payments should be done only in cash, in Brazilian currency ( reais - R$ ).