The Media Engineering Nucleus appeared in 1997 and acts in diverse lines of multimedia research and development of technologies.

Its research collaborates with the innovation in the domain of the complete technological cycle, from the project to the implementation of multimedia systems: the hardware and software.

Its objective is to search for new concepts and to make possible new systems and architectures for the production, codification, transport and exhibition of digital medias (audio, metadatas video, images and metadatas).

As a research nucleus from the University of São Paulo, it strengthens its compromise with the social initiatives of inclusion and digital convergence, with independence in relation to the impositions of market in its search for the state of the art in technologies. Parallel, it works together with the productive sector presenting corporative solutions, training, technological advisement and update, development of systems and the transition of technology for the society.

The nucleus has been contributing actively in the establishment of the Brazilian System of Digital TV, in set with other "players" from governmental and productive sectors. Performance areas:

• Audiovisual applicatives (multimedia dedicated browsers)
• Digital medias codification and compression
• Development of interactive digital services
• Operational systems in real time and middleware for interactive applications in multimedia platforms (consumer electronics)
• Multimedia platforms for nets of digital services access (as digital/interactive TV, Internet, etc.)
• Multimedia signals processing (audio and video)
• Project and development of circuits and multimedia plates
• Project and development of multimedia microprocessors
• Project and implementation of reconfigurable hardware for digital multimedia applications
• Digital set-top boxes
• Systems for three-dimensional exhibition (visual projection 3D and 3D/surround auralization)
• Digital systems for audiovisual reception, processing and exhibition
• Musical technology (musical analysis/synthesis/computation)
• Interactive / Digital TV

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