DIstributed CAVE Engine
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DICElib is an effort to ease the use of clusters to drive applications that need constant synchrony, such as graphical applications, CAVE systems, etc. The library's main features are: The API is simple, clean and easy to use. It works in Linux, IRIX and Windows (with Cygwin).


January 02, 2002
Initial public release.


DICElib in Linux and VMware
DICElib in Linux and VMware

DICElib synchronization
DICElib synchronization


Version 1.0.2

Source code (tar.gz)

Version 1.0.1

Source code (tar.gz)
User guide (HTML)
User guide (postscript)
Reference guide (HTML, generated from source code)


If you write an application that uses libdice, please email me and I'll add a link here.
Contact the author: Bruno Barberi Gnecco