Computer Music

Computer music consists in a extensive multidisciplinary area, envolving the electronic and the computer technologies turned to applications in music. It brings together a vast field of research with a significative and continuous contributions in the field of Music as well as in the fields of computer and engineering systems.

The electronic technology  from the past century has ignited a real revolution in the form of sound productions are conceived, transforming and enriching all the phases of a musical production, from the composition, orchestration, timbre modeling, synthesis and harmonizing, up to the recording, edition, processing, and reproduction.

With exception to the isolated societies in Earth, there are nearly no souls today who haven't experienced a sophisticated synthesis system or an electronic sound playback gear, or who don't have heard to musical productions that made extensive use of electronic equipment to be born and deployed to virtually anyone on the planet.


Symposium of Computer Music in Brazil,  annual, held in parallell with the Conference of the Brazilian Computer Society. See below links to some events:

II Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, (Canela, RS, Agosto/1995). Covered applications on techniques/systems for composition, music synthesis techniques, audio signal processing, etc. There were also remarkable electroacoustic music concerts, some of them going in late at night, counting pieces from several Brazilian, Argentine, American and European composers.

III Brazilian Meeting on Computer Music (Recife, PE, Agosto/1996).

IV Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music (Brasilia, 1997).

X Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music (Belo Horizonte, 2005)

Since 2003, jointly with the National AES Brasil Convention (Audio Engineering Society, Section Brasil), it is held the AES Brasil Conference, with the presentation of novel works in music and audio technology.

Old references

The webpage "O Caminho do Silício" (in portuguese) or "El Camino de Silicio" (in english) was originally introduced by Bob Willey in the 1990's to bring information on academic activities and research centers in the fields of computer music in several countries (researches, musical production, education, computer music publications, archives, institutions, libraries, and employment opportunities).

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