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Spreading Depression Studies


The BioInfo group is a multidisciplinar team of researchers from several institutions working jointly at the University of São Paulo (USP), doing research in the following areas:

 Mathematical Modelling of biological phenomena

 Representation of biological information

 Biological Sensor research and implementation

 Experimental studies of chemical waves and oscillations in the central nervous system and in the eye

The Spreading Depression Studies are lead by Prof. de Lima, who is currently a visiting professor at the University of São Paulo. The experimental facilities at USP are currently at the Laboratory of Integrated Systems. This is a mirror webpage of the group hosted at the SENAC College of Computational Sciences and Technology.


Assist. Prof.Dr. Emilio Del Moral Hernandes - LSI / USP

Assist. Prof.Dr. João E. Kögler Jr. - SENAC College and USP

Prof.Dr. Jocelyn de Freitas Benatton - LAC / USP

Prof.Dr. José R. Castilho Piqueira - LAC / USP

Dr. Marcelo Bariatto - LSI / USP

Prof.Dr. Vera Maura F. de Lima - FUNREI and USP visiting professor

Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Hanke - Institut fuer Zoophysiologie / Universitaet Hohenheim

Spreading Depression

Retina Experiments

Crystalline Lens Experiments


LSI – Escola Politécnica – University of São Paulo


SENAC College of Computational Sciences and Technology





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