Intel applicatives optimization

Intel manufactures some equipment for PDA, as processors and Chips for wireless communication.

The Wireless Technology Group's work has been studding these applicatives in order to increase its performance. This is critical; therefore everything in the PDA classroom is more limited than in the PCs.

In this work, the experimentation and study are essential, because no tool solves all the problems and it haven't a methodology that works in all the cases.

Intel Wireless Competence Network (WCN)

WCN (Wireless Competence Network) is a net of centers in wireless technology ability formed by universities and P&D centers that works in a collaborative way to the development of the mobile solutions market in Brazil.

WCN has as an objective to speed up the adoption of mobile solutions in Brazil, through:

  • Promotion of mobile solutions close to the final users through success cases, testimonials videos, seminaries, etc;
  • Training;
  • Advices and development of mobile solution projects or wireless devices;
  • Optimization of mobile solutions;
  • Evaluation of new wireless technologies and dissemination to the industry;
  • Development of new technologies to stimulate its use in industry and development of experimental projects (tests of concept).

Integrable Systems Laboratory - Polytechnical School – USP

Since 2003 the University of São Paulo is part of the WCN, through the Integrable Systems Laboratory (LSI) of the Polytechnical School, developing projects and optimizing applications for companies who develop solutions based on Intel technology.

These projects use Intel software tools as C compilers, C++ multimedia and optimized libraries for the Xscale Intel technology(R).

We already optimized and developed applications for some segments of the industry, as:

· Automatization of sale’s force;
· Localization software;
· JAVA virtual machine optimization;
· Applicative for wireless communication;
· Applicative for OCR (Optical Character Recognition), etc.


If your company has interests in participating and wants to get more information about the program, contact us

Phone (011) 3091 5589

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