Oncopediatria.org.br (oncopediatria.org.br)
Through the financing and support of the FINEP (Financier of Studies and Projects), SOBOPE (Brazilian Society of Oncopediatrics) and the Intel, a new phase of the Telemedicine technology is being developed.

The Oncopediatrics's Site appeared from the Rondônia Project, and proposes to create Child Cancer treatment protocols that will circulate through the Internet, available to the doctors of the country.

The project intends to form a National Net of "Tele-Health”, which will make possible the creation of 3 other cancer protocols, beyond a national register of all the cases of infantile cancer. By this way, the health professionals will be able to change informations and to standardize the treatments, increasing the cure possibilities.

The Site intends, soon, to turn available other aid tools to the diagnosis and study of cases: to establish a net of contact between hospitals, Chat, Video Conference and Video Lesson.

The Brapenta Project is a research in the area of X-Rays, with the development of technologies and equipment for the industrialized food inspection, diminishing the possibilities of contaminations and impurities.

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