WLAN Mobile Real Time Stereoscopic Video
Acquisition and Transmission System

Marcio Cabral – Hilton Fernandes – Glauco Todesco – Luciano Soares – Marcelo Zuffo

Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis – Universidade de São Paulo
{mcabral, hgfernan, todesco, lsoares, mkzuffo}@lsi.usp.br


This site describes our experience and results on how to assemble a device to do wireless local network stereoscopic mobile video acquisition, transmission and display. It includes software and hardware description as well as a prototype.

Currently we are able to capture a stereo par with resolution of 640x480 per frame and transmit it over wireless networking with up to 22 frames per second. The system is assembled in a backpack weighing about 3Kg and there is also a helmet where the cameras are mounted. The prototype can be carried around, acquiring and transmitting stereo video. The data is compressed using JPEG algorithm, transmitted over Wi-fi using IEEE 802.11 wireless protocols and then received in a client node, where the stereo video can be visualized.

Future developments include MPEG compression protocol, increased frame-rate and higher resolution for the system.

Stereoscopic video has been widely studied over the past years. But only recently stereoscopic digital video acquisition has become less complex to implement. With the advent of wireless network devices with bandwidth capabilities of supporting video data, it is now possible to implement real time stereoscopic video acquisition and transmission over local wireless network.

Mobile wireless stereoscopic video transmission in WLANs has not been studied in enough depth as far as the researchers are aware of. Because of the lack of these types of experiments, this work in intended as a report of our experiments, problems encountered and solutions to some of the problems.