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The Project AUDIENCE

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Scientific and Technological Production

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Scientific and Technological Production


- AUDIENCE FAQ (under construction)

- Published Papers:

  • FARIA, R. R. A. "Auralização em ambientes audiovisuais imersivos". Tese de Doutorado. Engenharia Sistemas Eletrônicos, Escola Politécnica da USP. São Paulo, 2005.
  • FARIA, R. R. A.; ZUFFO, J. A. "An auralization engine adapting a 3 image source acoustic model to an Ambisonics coder for immersive virtual reality". In: AES 28th International Conference (The Future of Audio Technology – Surround and Beyond), 2006, Pitea, Sweden. Proceedings. 2006. p. 157-166.
  • THOMAZ, L. F.; FARIA, R. R. A.; ZUFFO, M. K.; ZUFFO, J. A. "Orchestra spatialization using the AUDIENCE engine". In: ICMC 2006 (International Computer Music Conference), 2006, New Orleans. Proceedings. 2006.
  • FARIA, R. R. A. et al. "Improving spatial perception through sound field simulation in VR" . In: VECIMS 2005 - IEEE Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems, 2005, Giardini Naxos, Italy. Proceedings. 2005. p.103-108.
  • THOMAZ, L. F.; FARIA, R. R. A.; ZUFFO, M. K.; ZUFFO, J. A. "Experimentações de espacialização orquestral sobre a arquitetura AUDIENCE". In: 4th AES Brazil Conference/10th AES Brazil National Convention, São Paulo, 2006. Proceedings. 2006. p.72-77.
  • FARIA, R. R. A. et al. "AUDIENCE - Audio Immersion Experiences in the CAVERNA Digital". In: SBCM 2005 - The 10th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music (Current Frameworks for Music Information Representation), 2005, Belo Horizonte. Proceedings. 2005. p.106-117.

- White paper: “AUDIENCE – Novas fronteiras para a produção e consumo de Áudio Imersivo” (website pdf version)

Software Distributions

  • AUDIENCE VR (distribution adapted for usage with 3D visualization in VR, based on PD patches and executable externals). Distribution in continuous development, oriented to integration to navigation appliations; employs Ambisonics as spatial codec.
  • OPEN AUDIENCE v.1.0 (open distribution in development, based on PD patches and executable externals). Distribution in colaborative development, open. Project incubated at FAPESP incubator .

Both distributions aim at packet enhancements, widening application areas, and developing new functionalities, such as: distributed auralization processing (distributing auralization tasks among computers), AUDIENCE distributions for easy installation, easy patch creation and edition, modules for stand-alone or command-line calls, binaural individual auralization, wave-field synthesis-based auralization, etc.).

All distributions possess blocks capable of simulating acoustic environments (acoustic simulators), of encoding sound field in space (spatial encoders), of decoding and generating individual channels/outputs for each loudspeaker used in the chosen configuration (spatial decoders). Builts are based on the PD visual programming platform (Pure Data).


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